A work package is a set of information about one or more required products collated by the project manager to pass responsibility for work or delivery formally to a team manager or team member.

The following quality criteria apply to the work package:

  • The required work package is clearly defined and understood by the assigned resource.
  • There is a product description for each required product, with clearly identified and acceptable quality criteria.
  • The product description(s) matches up with the other work package documentation.
  • Standards for the work are agreed.
  • The defined standards are in line with those applied to similar products.
  • All necessary interfaces have been defined.
  • The reporting arrangements include the provision for raising issues and risks.
  • There is agreement between the project manager and the recipient on exactly what is to
    be done.
  • There is agreement on the constraints, including effort, cost and targets.
  • The dates and effort are in line with those shown in the stage plan for the current
    management stage.
  • Reporting arrangements are defined.
  • Any requirement for independent attendance at, and participation in, quality activities
    is defined.

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