PRINCE2® Communications Management Approach Template

A communication management approach contains a description of the means and frequency of communication with parties both internal and external to the project. It facilitates engagement with stakeholders through the establishment of a controlled and bidirectional flow of information.

The following quality criteria apply to a communication management approach:

  • All stakeholders have been identified and consulted with regard to their communication requirements.
  • There is agreement from all stakeholders about the content, frequency and method of communication.
  • A common standard for communication has been considered.
  • The time, effort and resources required to carry out the identified communications have been allowed for in stage plans.
  • The formality and frequency of communication is reasonable for the project’s importance and complexity.
  • For projects that are part of a programme, the lines of communication, and the reporting structure between the project and programme, have been made clear in the communication management approach.
  • The communication management approach incorporates corporate, programme management or customer communications facilities where appropriate (e.g. using the marketing communications department for distributing project bulletins).

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